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Caspita Hopper

Caspita Hopper Cedar Park Old Mill New Homes

Caspita Hopper is a New Home Community on Old Mill in Cedar Park

Many people have been wondering what’s being built on Old Mill next to the SoccerZone sports complex. As the land was being cleared and roads were being paved, it was the buzz around the neighborhood.

The land is zoned for condos, therefore I had assumed that’s what it was going to be. Sure enough, the first listings have come on the market. See below.

The homes appear as single family homes, but are in fact detached condos, meaning that the homeowner does not own the land below the structure. Similar to the Milestone community of Woodford Gardens on Little Elm, these homes will have a shared expense for exterior maintenance and landscaping, maintained by the HOA with an associated monthly fee.

Detached Condominiums are unique in that they give the feel of a single family home with a yard, but also provide the ease of care associated with a Condo.

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