Best Place To View Wildflowers in Cedar Park

Where to view wildflowers

Best Place To View Wildflowers in Cedar Park

Are you looking for the Best Place To View Wildflowers in Cedar Park? Searching for the perfect family photo op? You have come to the right place!

One of the best things about living in Central Texas are the Spring Wildflowers. It’s definitely my favorite time of the year! Wildflowers can be seen on every roadside and in every field. You certainly can’t miss them. Driving by and admiring the flowers is wonderful, but no family photo album is complete without the kids and pets sitting amongst Texas Bluebonnets and Indian Paintbrush.

If you would like to learn the names of all the wildflowers, you can pick up a wildflower guide at most HEB stores or you can see nice list of Wildflowers of Texas here. Or view the TXDOT Texas Highways Wildflower Guide online.

Every year, Brushy Creek Lake Park has been our go-to place to take wildflower family photos. And you can bet we aren’t alone! It’s normally the Best Place To View Wildflowers in Cedar Park. Some years the wildflowers at Brushy Creek are pretty sparse or different varieties at different times are more abundant than others.

Wildflowers in Cedar Park at Brushy Creek Lake Park.

Bumpercrop in 2016!

Wildflowers 2019 Cedar Park

Brushy Creek Lake Park 2019

One year the lake flooded and the entire field was covered with water so it affected the spring crop. The weather certainly does play a part in each season. 2024 is supposed to be an excellent year for wildflowers with the mild, dry winter. Wildflowers are interesting like that. They have a funny way about showing up one year and then being shy the next year. Some years Brushy Creek Lake Park is Blue Bonnet heavy and other years it seems to be more sparse and other wildflowers are abundant. Either way it’s beautiful. You can’t just visit once either. The blooms change from week to week from late March to early June.

Texas Wildflower Etiquette 

It’s very sad to see trampled wildflowers. Everyone wants that lush picture surrounded by wildflowers, but they end up stomping around trying to find it and ruin it for everyone. Don’t be that person. Watch your step and save some for everyone to enjoy. Contrary to urban legend is is not Illegal to Pick Bluebonnets. But it is best to let them be, so they can seed the next year’s batch.    Use caution and respect, when stopping by the roadside. Texans aren’t big fans of people trespassing on their private property, even if you are just trying to get a good picture. It;s best to go to public parks. Stay safe and have fun!


One very important thing to keep in mind when frolicking in the wildflowers is that snakes (some venomous) enjoy the shade and plethora of bugs in the heavy underbrush. Stay on marked walking paths or at the edge of fields. Be careful letting the kids go running into the flowers with their sandals and Sunday best. Maybe send dad in his boots with a stick for a walk about to find your perfect photo spot. And as a Central Texan, you probably already know about good ole’ fire ants. You don’t want to find those the hard way!

OK, now that we got the scary snake and ants out of the way, let’s go back to happy thoughts of beautiful flowers and Texas sunshine.

More Cedar Park Wildflowers

Traveling the Cedar Park Bike Trail along Brushy Creek, you are guaranteed to find many places to stop and admire the flowers and take pictures. The new Lakeline Park may have some thing year out in the fields, but the seeding just happened in last fall, so no guarantee.

There are also plenty of random places around town to snap a few pictures. There are also some nice patches around the two pond areas at Town Center Lake in Cedar Park next to the Recreation Center and along the walking paths. You can park at Spring Hill Suites or at the Cedar Park Recreation Center and walk the path around the lake to see plenty of wildflower over the next few months. While you are there, you can visit the Cedar Park Sculpture Garden.

Take a nearby scenic drive up 2769 towards Bullick Hollow all the way to the Oasis where you can see many more roadside patches. Keep in mind there is a lot of traffic in that area, so it’s best not to stop, just enjoy the drive. You can also take the scenic drive around to Lime Creek Road from 2769 which eventually meets up with Anderson Mill again.

Nearby at the corner of Anderson Mill and Cypress Creek Road, in the field for Cedar Park High School, the Blue Bonnets were abundant one year. Many schools, churches and vacant lots have an abundance of wildflowers each year. The HEB Center at New Hope and 183 Toll has a huge field with a wide variety of wildflowers that seems to get better every year. Along Bagdad Road, there is also a field in front of Rockbridge Church that has some nice flowers.

Keep your eye out for patches if cacti and bluebonnets. This backdrop was the perfect Texas photo op. This was taken in front of the Breakaway Park neighborhood sign. With a rock wall and Texas Native plants in the background and wildflowers around you, it’s a nice shot.

Wildflower Photo Spot in Cedar Park

Sign in front of Breakaway Park.

Pretty much any roadside or median that has not been mowed will have a show of flowers. Just take a drive down 360 from 183 to MoPac and you will see tons on wildflowers. Stop along the way for a scenic hike to the overlook rock at the 360 Pennybacker Bridge. Most all hiking trails anywhere in Central Texas will have wildflowers. Check out our list of The Best Hiking Trails near Cedar Park.

Wildflower Watch

Join other wildflower enthusiasts online to post your best wildflower pictures and view others in this Texas Wildflowers Facebook Group. Or stay up to date with the Texas Wildflower Report. The groups posted some good tips about taking pictures of wildflowers on private property. Private Property & Wildlife Photography.

Bluebonnets in Cedar Park

Day Trips to View Wildflowers

Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center
4801 La Crosse Avenue, Austin, Texas
The Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center is the place to get your wildflower fix and learn more about the history of wildflowers, as well as the preservation and research centered around Texas native plants. For the wildflower fanatic, you can also show your enthusiasm year round with a personalized Wildflower License Plate.

Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center

Balcones Canyonlands Wildlife Refuge
24518 FM 1431
Marble Falls, TX 78654
If you want to take a drive, wildflower season is the perfect time to take our Day Trip to the Balcones Canyonlands National Wildlife Refuge. Not only is it a gorgeous scenic drive, but there are excellent wildflower photo opportunities along the way. You might even get a longhorn in the picture.

Old Settler’s Park
3300 East Palm Valley Boulevard
Round Rock, Texas
The large fields surrounding Old Settler’s Park are the perfect place to take pictures and have picnic.

Burnet Bluebonnet Festival
April 12-24, 2024
You don’t want to miss the annual Bluebonnet Festival in Burnet, TX. If you love all things Texas Wildflowers, this is the festival for you. Enjoy arts and crafts, live music, food, carnival and more.

Hands down, the Best Place To View Wildflowers in Cedar Park is Brushy Creek Lake Park. But as you can see, there is no shortage of wildflower viewing and photo opportunities in Central Texas. Get out and enjoy!

If you discover a perfect photo op spot in Cedar Park this year, please let us know!

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