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Bird Watching In Cedar Park

Bird Watching in Cedar Park

Bird Watching In Cedar Park

Bird watching is probably one of the most relaxing hobbies around. You get to be outdoors, enjoy nature and get some peace and quiet. There are several very nice spots for Bird Watching in Cedar Park. Most areas where there is a body of water, trees and shrubs, you are sure to find plenty of birds.

Whether you are just bird watching for relaxation or you are an avid photographer, Brushy Creek is one of the best places for Bird Watching in Cedar Park. There are many places to stop along the 7 mile Cedar Park Bike Trail. Near the end of the trail is Creekside Park with a small pond that birds love.

Texas Roadrunner spotted in Cedar Park at the Sculpture Garden

Roadrunner Spotted at Cedar Park Sculpture Garden. Photo by Christina Legrand.

Another great spot for Bird Watching in Cedar Park is the pond next to the Cedar Park Recreation Center and Sculpture Garden. I was out taking neighborhood pictures and happened to see a Roadrunner on the roadside near the sculpture garden. Of course I had to park and then stalk him for half an hour to get this photo.

If you are a true bird enthusiast, you need to join the Travis Audubon Society. With your membership you get access to the Baker Sanctuary off Lime Creek Road. You will have access to a gorgeous property with nice hiking trails that lead down to a small creek. The trail is very shady and filled with many different plants and trees to attract birds. The Golden Cheeked Warbler finds a home here every year during their migration. Central Texas is the only place in the world where they nest. They are now endangered due to a loss of habitat. The Sanctuary helps to protect their habitat and also offer refuge to many other bird species.

Muir Lake Bird Watching in Cedar Park.

Muir Lake in Cedar Park – Buttercup Creek.

A little unknown spot for Bird Watching in Cedar Park is Rosemary Denny Park, situated in the center of the Riviera Springs neighborhood at 2400 E Riviera Dr. Nearby, there is also a large hidden lake that most people don’t even know about. Here is a photo from Google Maps. It’s situated off Bell Blvd at the end of Avery Ranch Blvd.

The lake at the Twin Lakes YMCA, where the 7 mile Cedar Park Bike Trail begins, is another great place to see all kinds of birds.

Here is a very fun App that my kids love! Created by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, the free Merlin Bird ID App helps you identify a bird you see by size, color, location and even sound.

If you want to venture outside of Cedar Park for bird watching, Rattan Creek in North Austin and anywhere along Bull Creek off 360 and Spicewood Springs Road are very nice. You can also take a scenic drive to Balcones Canyonland National Wildlife Refuge or visit Canyon of the Eagles Nature Park in Burnet.

This post was inspired by a fellow Cedar Park resident, Michelle Wong, whose Instagram I follow. Michelle always posts the most beautiful bird pictures, many taken right here in Cedar Park. She also has many stunning insect and flower photos as well. Not to mention her cute dog!

Here are a few of Michelle’s amazing photographs for you to enjoy. Follow her on Instagram to see many more!

A photo posted by Michelle (@chungwei3wei) on

A photo posted by Michelle (@chungwei3wei) on

A photo posted by Michelle (@chungwei3wei) on

A photo posted by Michelle (@chungwei3wei) on