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With new tech companies moving to Austin, there has been more demand for houses than ever before. If you are thinking of selling your home, now is the perfect time! One of the best ways to make sure your sale goes smoothy is to work with a Cedar Park Listing Agent who understands the local market, is experienced in multiple offer situations and someone who can manage the process seamlessly from beginning to end.

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Although it seems like it would be easy to sell a house right now, it’s actually more complicated than when we were in a “normal market.” Multiple offers, with offering prices far over recent comps, sounds fantastic for sellers. And if it goes smoothly and closes, it seems like you are home free with tons of cash. However, multiple offer situations can lead to more problems than you would have in a normal market. When buyers purchase in a panic or feel under duress or pressures of the market, feelings can guide decisions more than facts. It also leaves a lot up to interpretation and depending on their agent’s guidance (or no guidance), issues can and will arise during and after the transaction. There are a lot of things that can go wrong in a real estate transaction and it’s the job of a professional Listing Agent to anticipate and mitigate issues before they become a problem.

In today’s market, Buyers are looking at everything under a microscope. Since they are paying much higher prices, they want to make sure they are not overpaying or missing something. Sometimes buyers will make a high offer to “win” and then try to “recoup” some of their big offer during repair negotiations when they feel like they have the upper hand in the transaction. Or they may get caught up in the frenzy of multiple offers only to realize at some point it wasn’t the right decision for them and cancel. They may also come back to sue someone after the closing saying something wasn’t disclosed, etc. It’s my job, as your Listing Agent, to be gather info, ask questions and advise you based on my 16+ years of experience so we can avoid these kinds of issues if possible.

You may think that buyers will buy anything right now so you can sell as-is. While that may have been true in early 2021 when prices were lower, now buyers are paying far more and they are expecting homes in good condition – unless you price it “as-is”. Preparing a home for sale and managing showings is a huge task – with Covid risks – on top of dealing with the onslaught of buyers and showings. My team and I will go the extra mile helping you get your home show ready.  And we will manage showings in a safe and effective manner to protect you and your family from Covid, while also preparing your home to get top dollar by gaining the maximum exposure on your home when listed.

Another obstacle in this market are appraisals. With buyers making crazy high offers, many even waiving their appraisal to be competitive, it can be tricky to get the contract closed sometimes. As prices level off, it’s getting a little more stable, but we always have to look at prices like an appraiser when a loan is involved. This is an art and a science. As an experienced Cedar Park Listing Agent, I will be able to assess which offers are not only the best, but which offers will actually follow through to closing.

Selling a home is not as easy as you think. There are many details to manage through out the process. My team and I have systems in place to manage the transaction in a smooth and efficient manner, communicating with you at every step. This helps to reduce stress and get you to your next adventure with more money and less hassles.

Working with an experienced Cedar Park Listing Agent has many benefits which include:

  • In depth market knowledge.
  • Ability to price homes correctly in a rapidly changing market.
  • Excellent negotiation skills with 16+ years experience selling homes.
  • Preparing for multiple offer situations by organizing and presenting accordingly.
  • Managing appraisals, inspections, and other related tasks to make sure the closing goes smoothly.

If you are interested in seeing how much your home may be worth, fill our Seller Questionnaire and contact us and we will send you a no obligations market analysis.

Attracting Buyers

At Cedar Park TX Living, we understand that selling a home is not just about the house itself, it’s also about the community and the lifestyle. It’s about what makes the House a Home. Through professional photography, social media marketing, lifestyle marketing and agent to agent networking, we reach the greatest number of potential buyers to get you the best offer from the right buyer. We don’t just sell the house, we sell the lifestyle.

Seniors Real Estate Specialist

As an added bonus, if you are age 65 and older, Christina Legrand, a Cedar Park Listing Agent with EPIQUE Realty, has gone through specialized training to become a certified Seniors Real Estate Specialist. What does this mean for you? Christina and her team have worked with many seniors in the area who have sold their homes and downsized to a smaller home or rental apartment. We have also worked with seniors relocating to the area who are looking to enjoy the Austin lifestyle or be closer to their extended families. No matter what the occasion, we are here to guide Seniors every step of the way. Over the years, we have also developed a wonderful team of caring professionals whom we can confidently refer to our Senior clients. From moving companies, handy helpers, downsizing experts, financial advisors to caregivers, our team is ready to help. Read More Here

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