City of Cedar Park 50th Anniversary

City of Cedar Park 50th Anniversary

February 2023 marks the City of Cedar Park 50th Anniversary!

Residents voted to incorporate the City of Cedar Park on February 24, 1973. It was ratified by Williamson County Judge Luther Chance on February 26, 1973 and became official. May 11 – First Election. The first Mayor was Kenneth Bell.

But the history of Cedar Park doesn’t start there. In 1836 Tumlinson Fort, also known as the Tumlinson blockhouse (now the Blockhouse Creek neighborhood), was on the headwaters of Brushy Creek in what is now Williamson County. It was established by John J. Tumlinson Jr and his company of Texas Rangers. The old homestead is still in Blockhouse Creek. Read more about the Historical Markers in Cedar Park. In 1887 Emmett Cluck, son of George and Harriet, renamed the town Cedar Park, after the parklike surroundings of his home. In 1892, when George Cluck sold the railroad company a lot adjoining the railroad, the deed called for a park and a building to house plants. (From Texas State Historical Association TSHA – Read More Here.)

Are you curious about the rich history of Cedar Park? You can also visit Cedar Park’s Tourism office website for detailed information at Visit Cedar Park Texas. You will recognize many of the names throughout Cedar Park’s history that you see today on streets and in neighborhood names. Learning about the history of the area creates a sense of connectedness for me. Someone new to the area may just see houses and strip malls, but when you start to dig deeper into the history and follow the changes over the years, you can see how it has shaped the City and people who make Cedar Park what it is today. You will see that there is a lot more than meets the eye to Cedar Park, TX.

Through some trials and tribulations in recent years, the City of Cedar Park has emerged as a world-class metropolitan suburb attracting both large and small businesses. The City is being very strategic on land-use as it is a finite resource as we are landlocked by neighboring cities. We have some excellent City Council Members in place now who are committed to being servant leaders and doing what is best for the long term and short term health of Cedar Park, both economically and from a quality of life perspective. Cedar Park has been named among the best places to live for many different reasons from cost of living, quality of life, job opportunities, abundance of parks, schools and overall safety.

Although the City does a fantastic job of management, it’s really up to residents to participate in making it a welcoming place to live, work and play. And Cedar Park resident really take that to heart and show their love of community. There are many local community groups, non-profit organizations, clubs, schools and neighborhood groups who come together to create the sense of community that we all need. My friend Lynn Mickan with SW Cedar Park Neighbors Magazine, really takes this to heart. We collaborate often to showcase all that Cedar Park and its resident have to offer. If you live in Twin Creeks, Volente Hills, Bella Vista, Deer Creek Ranch and Cypress Canyon, you receive this monthly publication in the mail. Soon to be expanding to more neighborhoods.

City of Cedar Park 50th Anniversary Celebration!

Celebrate like it’s 1973 at the City of Cedar Park’s 50th Anniversary Friday Night Fever Family Dance on February 24, 2023 at the Cedar Park Recreation Center. More Details on City Website, but bell bottoms and boogie shoes will be encouraged! Registration is Required as space is limited.

City of Cedar Park 50th Anniversary Dance Party

If you spend some time on this website, you will see that I love living in Cedar Park! One of my main goals in creating Cedar Park TX Living in 2015 was that I wanted to help support the kind of place I want to live. Sounds lofty, but I truly believe that the more we know each other, the better neighbors we will be. And the better stewards of our City resources we will be. In this crazy world, it’s nice to have a sense of community. Getting to know local business and restaurant owners is nice. Walking into a place of business knowing you are also supporting your neighbor feels good.

Check out some of out Local Business posts on this website and stop in to get to know your neighbors.

We hope you celebrate the City of Cedar Park 50th Anniversary by getting involved in our community to make your mark too!

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