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Guerra Bees Honey – A Sweet Taste of Texas

Guerra Honey Business Spotlight

Everything’s bigger in Texas, including dreams. And when those dreams come with the sweet taste of fresh honey, you can be sure there’s an incredible tale to tell. We travel a little north of Cedar Park to explore the sweetest dream of Cedar Park residents Stephen and Rebecca Guerra – Guerra Bees Honey.1 lb bottle of Guerra Bees Honey

From Buffalo’s Chilled Winters to Cedar Park’s Sunny Days
Relocating from one state to another can be an overwhelming journey. But when Stephen and Rebecca Guerra, along with their delightful children, Audrey and Leo, packed their bags in Buffalo and made their way to Cedar Park in 2020, they brought with them not just their luggage but a dream. A dream that, in the very heart of Texas, transformed into a reality. And what a sweet reality it is!

Hamilton County's Abundant Wildflower Field: A picturesque scene of colorful, blooming wildflowers attracting busy bees to their beehives.

While exploring the countryside of Central Texas, they discovered a serene piece of land in Hamilton County, where the wind rustles through the trees, the wild flowers flourish and bees buzz happily from flower to flower, thus producing the finest local raw honey you’ve ever tasted. That’s Guerra Bees for you!

Steve in beekeeper suit harvesting Honey for Guerra Bees: Steve meticulously tending to the bee hives

From Maple Syrup to Golden Honey: The Guerra Legacy
While the Guerras may have been novices in beekeeping initially, their determination saw them quickly turn their 11 hives into a whopping 17. It’s impressive, especially when you learn about Steve’s earlier stint with another golden delight – maple syrup. That’s right, back in the snowy terrains of Buffalo, Steve tapped into the maple trees, producing luscious syrup. From maple trees to beehives, it seems the Guerras have an innate talent for turning nature’s resources into the sweetest of treasures.

Rebecca and Son's duo donning beekeeper suits in the vibrant fields of Hamilton County.

Cedar Park is Home
Steve and Rebecca’s love story with Cedar Park is one we all can relate to. The warmth of the people (yes, warmer than our summer temperatures), the bounty of restaurants offering diverse cuisines, and the beautifully landscaped parks make Cedar Park the place to be. It’s not just about the honey for the Guerras; they’re invested in our community. When they’re not dressed in beekeeper suits, Rebecca champions justice as an attorney, while Steve shapes young minds as a middle school teacher. Oh, and did I mention Steve’s a podcaster too? Talk about a dynamic duo!

Nestled amidst lush greenery, the beehives of Guerra Bees Honey thrive in the scenic fields of Hamilton County.
Raw honey has many health benefit too! It’s a good source of antioxidants, has natural antibacterial and antifungal properties, and of course, is well known for soothing a sore throat, among other health benefits.

Taste the Sweetness!
Now, for the part we’ve all been waiting for — how can you get your hands on this liquid gold? Guerra Bees Honey is offering 1 lb bottles of their freshly harvested honey for just $18, and guess what? If you’re in Cedar Park, they’ll deliver it straight to your doorstep for free! Just give them a call or text at (512) 270-8725.

Dive into a jar of Guerra Bees Honey, and let the taste transport you to the peaceful meadows of Hamilton County and the sweet success of the Guerra’s journey from Buffalo to Cedar Park. Here’s to dreams made real, and here’s to the sweetness that life in Cedar Park offers. Let’s support our local businesses!

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