Park Place

Park Place

Park Place is an established neighborhood in central Cedar Park off Park St and Bell Blvd.

This older area of Cedar Park has a mix of established suburban neighborhoods, older ranch homes, ranchettes and some new construction too. Park Place is tucked away from the major roadways and major retail areas so it offers a sense of peace and quiet. Long time residents of Cedar Park would probably consider this area one of the last places that feels like Cedar Park used to feel.

In fact, there is a small ranch on Park St that still has longhorns in the field.

Park Place is centrally located and is still very convenient to get to major roadways, such as Lakeline, Bell Blvd and 1431.

Nearby Parks:

  • Forest Oaks Park
  • Twin Lakes Park
  • Cluck Creek Park
  • William T. Laws Jr. Park
  • Rosemary Denny Park

Nearby Schools:

  • Reed Elementary Schoo
  • Rutledge Elementary School
  • Faubion Elementary School
  • Forest North Elementary School
  • Noel Grisham Middle School

Nearby Shops:

  • Dollar Tree
  • Budget Blinds
  • CVS
  • The Shop
  • Lambs Tire & Automotive

Nearby Restaurants:

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