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Working with seniors to meet their housing needs requires an expert understanding of their lifestyle and financial needs, and the SRES® designation means that a REALTOR® has that understanding. Whether they are buying, selling relocating or refinancing, seniors can be confident that a Realtor® designated SRES® will be able to help them every step of the way.

I have a passion for working with our 55+ community which is why I took the extra steps to receive my SRES® Designation. I have helped many local seniors figure out their housing options. Sometimes selling is not the only route. Reverse mortgage to use equity in the home to age in place or passing the home to heirs may be a good solution, rather than selling. Downsizing to a smaller home may be an option or sometimes selling and renting makes the most financial sense. There are many options and I pride myself in helping seniors find the right option for their unique situation. I will always look out for their best interest!

Over the years I have seen seniors fall prey to unscrupulous sales people, which is heartbreaking. I also understand, from assisting my mother with her housing and financial needs, that it can be very overwhelming and confusing to navigate everything. Some seniors don’t have family nearby to help them or many times their adult children are extremely busy with their own lives and kids to help manage the entire process. With the hot Austin job market, many families relocate here for jobs and the parents follow. Finding the parents a place to live along with trying to manage careers, kids and mom and dad can be a lot to handle. My team of trusted professionals are here to guide the entire family through the decision making process.

No matter what the occasion, I am here to guide my senior clients every step of the way. Over the years, I have also developed a wonderful team of caring professionals whom I can confidently refer to my clients. From moving companies, handy helpers, downsizing experts, financial advisors to caregivers, my team is ready to help.

Visit my website Central Texas Senior Living to learn more.

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