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Word on the street is that H Mart Austin is coming to Cedar Park (well technically NW Austin). There are two large vacant retail stores in the  Parkline shopping center, where Home Depot and Kohls are located, at the corner of Lakeline Blvd and 183.

The Korean H Mart store is loved by many with stores in California, Illinois, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Michigan, Massachusetts, Georgia, Pennsylvania and Texas.

H Mart, is short for “Han Ah Reum,” which means “One Arm Full of Groceries.” But I’m sure I won’t be able to leave with just an arm full.

The company says, “We’re an Asian-inspired supermarket started in 1982 in Queens, New York. Despite our small beginnings, we have grown because of our continuous commitment to the freshest ingredients in all our offerings-while never forgetting that value is just as important. We hope our culture brings you new inspiration and we look forward to seeing you soon.”

I’m not sure if it will occupy one or both of those locations. Stay tuned as I dig up some more info!

I was really hoping for a Trader Joe’s in that spot, but H Mart is pretty cool too. Maybe there is still hope for Trader Joe’s in Cedar Park. Follow my Bring Trader Joe’s to Cedar Park TX page and submit a request!

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  • I’d rather see local places. I like HMart, but it’s really meant to serve the immigrant community. Trader Joe’s is super hipster and adds nothing but more homogenized shopping for the Austin area. I moved away from a corporate, homogenized landscape. I suppose it’s impossible to get away from it completely, but I love my local HEB and if I want something speciality, I’m heading to Central Market or Whole Foods.

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