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Most people who are relocating to Cedar Park and the Austin metro area rely on an Apartment Locator to help them find an apartment. Sometimes it makes it a lot more efficient as they can help you find apartment based on personal criteria that may not be noted in the online search portals. An experienced Apartment Locator will be able to match your unique needs to the perfect apartment community within your budget.

Using an Austin Apartment Locator may be an unusual concept for people moving to this area from out of state. Many people rely on national websites like apartments.com but sites that do not offer personalized assistance. An Austin Apartment Locator work with you personally to find the right place. They are paid by the apartment complexes but work for you. In the Austin area, it is very common to use an Apartment Locator and it can save you a lot of time and hassles.

At Cedar Park Living, we partner with an expert Austin Apartment Locators who can assist you with finding the right apartment community for you. Central Texas apartment communities offer a lot of luxury amenities and many are built like townhomes for more privacy and space. Some even have garages. It really depends on your needs, budget, location, etc. There is a place for everyone.

Home Rentals are different than Apartment Rentals. For home rentals, it is best to consult with a local real estate agent. Most home rentals are individually owned properties that the owners hire a listing agent to find them a tenant. These properties will be listed in the local Multiple Listing Service (MLS) for lease. Being represented by a Tenant’s Agent will help you not only find the right listing, but they will also negotiate the lease on your behalf, ensuring that the price, terms and conditions are fair and reasonable in the current market. An experienced agent can also guide you through the process and make sure you find the right place for your needs.

If you want to rent a home, it is wise to contact a real estate agent, like us, to assist you in the leasing of a home. Home leasing can be a little more stringent on the guidelines and qualifications that apartment rentals. Since we have limited inventory here, it’s pretty competitive. See general guidelines and criteria below. Working with a real estate agent to find a rental home will save you a lot of time from not having to track down each agent on each listing to schedule a showing. We can do all the scheduling and showings for you. Be careful of Zillow and Craigslist rental ads, they can sometimes be scams. If the price is way below market value for other similar properties you have seen, it may be a scam.

Sometimes owners list their properties on other online search portals and not through a listing agent. In these cases, your tenant representative may not be offered a commission from the property owner to bring a tenant. In that case, the tenant would have to pay their representative directly. Generally 30% of one month’s rent, but that is negotiable based on the time and effort put in and what you both agree on. Most all listings in MLS offer cooperating broker compensation to the tenant’s agent, so if you lease a property listed in MLS, the broker fee is usually paid by the listing brokerage. Renting a property through licensed agents will better ensure that it’s legit as the owner has been vetted and is legally able to lease you the home.

If you are looking for a rental in Cedar Park or other North Austin suburbs, please fill out our Rental Questionnaire. We’d be happy to help! A Tenant Representation Agreement is required to enlist our services. We will be your dedicated agent in the house hunting process.

Please read the rental criteria below before seeking to rent a home in the Austin Metro area.

General Tenant Selection Criteria Information

Note: Requirements vary per home depending on the property management company and/or owner requirements. The requirements below are pretty typical and for your general information to prepare you for leasing a home in the Austin market.

Application Requirements

  • Complete Residential Lease Application Form. Each applicant over 18 years of age is required to submit an application. Some applications are online and some are on paper. Depends on the owner preference.
  • There is generally a non-refundable $50 fee per applicant, sometimes up to $75 to process the application and run the credit check. Applications are generally processed on a first come basis.
  • Application fees are to be submitted at the time of application. Most offer online payment options. Some may ask for Venmo payment or even a cashiers check.
  • Applications that are not fully completed will not be processed. Just because you submit an application and a fee, does not mean you will be approved. Best-qualified applicants will be considered. Landlord reserves the right to choose the best-qualified applicant. Your application fee will not be refunded if you are not approved.
  • Sometimes the Security Deposit is also required to process the application.
  • Proof of Income, Rental History, Employment Verification, Background Check are required.
  • Social Security Number will be required to run credit. Generally Agents prefer to run through a secure online portal. Be careful where you apply if they ask for SS# outside of a secure credit check portal!
  • Credit History and Background Check Will Be Performed.
  • Previous Rental History Will Be Verified. Evictions and Late Pays are a red flag to Landlords and it will be a challenge to rent a home.
  • Current Employers Will Be Called (Past employer also if less than 3 months.)
  • Proof of income will be required. 2 Months’ Pay Stubs with Year to Date Income.
  • Copy of driver’s license needed for Application.

Minimum Qualification Guidelines/Requirements

  • Minimum 600 credit score. Some landlords will consider lower with special circumstances. Usually double security deposit.
  • No collections or bankruptcy.
  • No evictions or late payments on rental history.
  • Net Income must be 3 times the rental amount (5 times if roommates are applying).
  • Limit of 2 people per room.
  • Pets are on a case-by-case basis. Each listing will say pet policy. Generally, a deposit is required, and sometimes a monthly pet fee. If a pet is acquired during the term of the lease without permission, Landlord reserves the right to evict. Service Animals are not pets.
  • Copy of Driver’s License.
  • Copy of last 2 months’ pay stubs showing YTD income. If self-employed previous year’s tax return.

Service Animals
There are laws regarding service animals and documentation needed. Some properties have a no-pet policy or breed/size restrictions. Landlords will require prospective tenants to first meet all qualification criteria for approval and then meet requirements for service animal accommodations. Having a service animal does not guarantee approval of lease application.

Possible Reasons for Denial

  • Eviction on File
  • Excessive Late Payments
  • Criminal Cases: (felonies, domestic violence, sex crimes, capital crimes, fraud, theft, drugs)
  • Excessive Collection of Accounts
  • Non-payment of Rent
  • Previous Breach of Lease Terms
  • Broken Leases – must be paid off
  • Falsification of Information on Application
  • Previous Damage to a Leased Property
  • Poor Credit History
  • Pet policy and/or breed and size restrictions prohibit your qualification

Contact Us if you would like assistance in finding a rental home or an apartment community in the Austin area.

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