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SW Cedar Park Neighbors

If you live in Twin Creeks, Bella Vista or Ranch at Deer Creek, hopefully you have been enjoying the SW Cedar Park Neighbors magazine. I work with the Publisher, as the magazine’s Content Coordinator, to produce this fun magazine each month starting last December 2016.

Each month a local family is featured on the cover of the magazine. It’s a fun way to get to know people in the community. In the April issue, Larry Stevens, the Publisher asked my family to be featured. He wrote a great article about us that I hope you will enjoy. Or if you have one that you aren’t going to keep, please save it for me.

The magazine, published by Best Version Media, is designed to be a resource for the community and something that residents will look forward to receiving each month. We have had great response to the magazine so far! We see SW Cedar Park Neighbors as a community building tool. We believe this part of Cedar Park is a special place to live and has so much to offer. We get to live the Austin metro lifestyle and yet enjoy a small town, community feel of our neighborhoods. We get to have relationships with local business owners who are also our neighbors, adding that personal touch.

I enjoy taking local photos to share in the magazine and finding fun things to do. You have probably seen many of the photos and ideas on this website already! I also put together the calendar section of the magazine and post the sold real estate listings.

Hopefully everyone who receives the magazine has discovered new day trip ideas or events and festivals. If you know of anything coming up that we can share in the magazine, please let me know. We usually finalize the content a couple months in advance of the print.

Are you receiving SW Cedar Park Neighbors magazine? If so, we’d love to get your feedback!

SW Cedar Park Neighbors featuring Legrand Family

SW Cedar Park Neighbors Magazine featuring Legrand family.

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