Cedar Park Elementary Schools

Cedar Park Elementary Schools

The school boundary lines can be confusing in Texas. Independent School District (ISD) boundaries are not based on City or County lines. Each school district encompasses certain areas that cross county and city boundaries, which can lead to confusion. Below are the Elementary Schools in Cedar Park in the Leander Independent School District. Although all elementary schools in Cedar Park are in LISD, LISD also has schools in other neighboring communities such as Leander, Austin and Georgetown.

Cox Elementary
Cypress Elementary
Deer Creek Elementary
Faubian Elementary
Giddens Elementary
Knowles Elementary
Mason Elementary
Naumann Elementary
Reagan Elementary
Reed Elementary
Westside Elementary

Other Leandner ISD Elementary Schools

Bagdad – Leander
Block House Creek – Leander
Camacho – Leander
Grandview Hills – Austin
Laura Bush – Austin
Parkside – Georgetown
Plain – Leander
Pleasant Hill – Leander
River Place – Austin
River Ridge – Austin
Rutledge – Austin
Steiner Ranch – Austin
Whitestone – Leander
Winkley – Leander

Some homes and apartments with a Cedar Park address may attend an LISD school in a neighboring community like Leander or Austin. If you are considering buying or renting a home or apartment in Cedar Park, you can use this Address Lookup to find which schools the address is zoned to attend.