Cedar Park High Schools

Cedar Park High Schools

Schools in Cedar Park are served by the Leander Independent School District (LISD). LISD also serves neighboring communities of Leander, Austin and a small part of Georgetown. There are two high schools in Cedar Park. In Texas school district boundaries cross City and County lines, so it can be a confusing.

Cedar Park High School
Vista Ridge High School

Other LISD High Schools

Leander High – Leander
Rouse High – Leander
Vandergrift High – Austin
Glenn High School – Leander

Some homes and apartments with a Cedar Park address may attend an LISD school in a neighboring community like Leander or Austin. You can use this Street Directory Listing to look up a street address and determine which schools the address is zoned to attend. Keep in mind that zoning does change year to year, so make sure you are viewing the current zoning chart.

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